this, bind, call, and apply in JavaScript

Understanding what "this" is in JavaScript, and how to change it

Hey, all. It’s Tania. Here’s a new article for you:

Understanding This, Bind, Call, and Apply in JavaScript (or the DigitalOcean link)

If you ever find yourself confused about what `this` is referring to in JavaScript, take a look at the article! You’ll learn all about implicit and explicit `this` context and how to determine it.

In other news, I haven’t found a notes app that looks and feels exactly as I want, so I decided to write my own. I’ve been writing it in React, Redux, and TypeScript. My ultimate plan is to have all the notes stored/backed up to a single GitHub Gist containing all the notes individually, with versioning. If anyone is familiar with Redux or TypeScript and wants to give the code a look, I’d appreciate it! I’m having fun with it and pretty excited.

Finally, I removed comments from my website as it was getting to tiring to manually moderate the trolling, so if you have anything you want to say to me, just respond to this email!

Have a great week.