Tania's Top Ten Tutorials

Ten of my best web development guides

It’s me, Tania, the pragmatic writer and web developer.

If you noticed this publication looks a bit different, it’s because I’ve moved the list from Sendy to Substack. I had some bad luck with configuring Amazon SES, so I’m giving Substack a shot. They seem like the kind of ad-free, affiliate-free, and bullshit-free enterprise I can get behind, so let’s hope for the best!

Next month marks four years that I’ve been writing on this website! I really appreciate that all of you have joined me on this journey. If you’re new and don’t know me yet, this sums up what I’m all about.

In honor of four years and a new newsletter, I’m going to list ten of my favorite and most popular articles. It was actually way too hard to pick ten but this should give you a taste of what I write about.

Career and Learning

Learning Tutorials

Building Games and Apps

There are so many more, and I didn’t even touch on any of the design and CSS articles, but I wanted to keep it somewhat succinct.

Well everyone, if you appreciate what I do or who I am, please share and subscribe, maybe tip me a coffee? :D

I hope to continue writing for you and me for another four years!