Asynchronous JavaScript and the Event Loop

Do you know how it works?

Hi! It’s almost Friday, y'all. What better way to celebrate than reading a looong article about asynchronous JavaScript and the event loop? I can’t think of anything else.

I published two articles over the past two days, so I’ll share them with you now. Oh, and I brought back dark mode on the site so your eyes don’t have to suffer.

The Event Loop, Callbacks, Promises, and Async/Await

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been trying to write an article on this topic for over a year at this point. I had several half-written drafts laying around, and I finally sat down to finish it up.

This is a big topic, and important if you ever intend to work with JavaScript, either in a Node or browser environment. I found most articles out there on asynchronous JS to either be poorly written, missing gaps, making assumptions, or just plain wrong.

So this article tries to be exactly not that. It’s a DigitalOcean article however, so it’s more dry than I’d like to write. I’d recommend this article if you don’t know how callbacks or promises work, even if you use them every day at work. Bookmark it for later otherwise. Do it.

I’d be happy to expand on this topic in other mediums on request.

REST API: Sorting, Filtering, and Pagination

Sometimes I work on designing REST APIs for fun and profit. I documented some of what I learned while implementing sorting, filtering, and pagination on list endpoints here.

So that’s it for the moment. Trying to churn out a few articles I’ve had on the backlog, like Webpack, PKCE authentication, my strong coding opinions, etc. Also recorded a podcast but I need play around with it before releasing anything.

Lately my inbox has been woefully devoid of almost anything but “Do you accept sponsored guest posts???” and “Do you need quality web design services???” so please, if you’re real and not a spam bot, feel free to respond to this email and say hi. :)

And if you like what I do, please go forth and spread the word.