A guide to using webpack 5

And my first e-book!

Hey all,

Good morning (or afternoon/evening, depending on your timezone). Happy Thursday! It’s me, Tania Rascia, back with more tutorials for your viewing pleasure.

First up, webpack 5 just came out, which aligned conveniently with the article I was working on:

How to Set Up webpack 5 from Scratch

webpack is used in pretty much every major JavaScript project, either explicitly or behind the scenes. If you’ve used webpack before and want to see what some of the changes are, I highly recommend checking out the webpack boilerplate I made alongside the article. If you’ve never used webpack before, check out the article! It goes into setting a production environment and development server from scratch, and goes through all the main concepts of setting up a config.

e-book: Understanding the DOM (Document Object Model)

My DOM series on DigitalOcean got turned into an e-book! There will be another one coming out soon, the How to Code in JavaScript series. I usually write one-off articles, so it’s nice to see an entire series come together. The DOM is how we interact with the browser from JavaScript, so if you don’t know how to do that without a framework or at all, this e-book will help.

Okay everyone, that’s my update for now. I also have an article on modules/import/export coming up, and a talk on the event loop. In my free time, I’ve mostly been trying to focus on being productive, exercising, and avoiding social media (except for sharing my content). I feel like it’s drastically improved my mood and energy level.

As always, if you want to say hi, or have any comments or suggestions, just reply to this email. Have a great rest of the week!